Rollover For Texts

The cost of text messaging is ridiculously high. I refuse to pay $20 per month for AT&T’s unlimited texting plan when I’m already paying for cell minutes and 3G Internet data. Texting should be free when I’m already paying for mobile service. Of course, texting would never be free because it’s too much of a cash cow for the mobile carriers.

I have to sign up for some sort of texting plan because without being enrolled in a plan, each text sent and received costs 20¢. At that rate, costs can spiral out of control very quickly. I have opted to pay $5 per month for 200 texts. It isn’t many, but I use the Google Voice app on my iPhone to bypass the carrier and do my texting for free. Not everyone understands why I have two phone numbers, so I typically only give out my Google number to my friends who are the most heavy texters.

I wish that AT&T would offer a rollover system for unused texts for everyone who has a texting plan below the unlimited plan. I don’t always use my allotted 200 texts per month, but I will occasionally go over that limit. It would be nice if I could carry over those unused texts the same way that I can with my voice minutes. More text plan options would be good too. Currently, there are only 200, 1500, and unlimited plans. How about adding a 500 or 1000 plan in there somewhere? I’m not certain what Verizon’s texting plans are, but I’m sure they’re equally expensive.

In fact, the entire text messaging industry is a complete and total rip off. A past article in TechCrunch calculated that the cost of text messaging at 20¢ a pop is equal to $1310 per megabyte of data. That is a staggering figure.

Author: Craig Tisinger


2 thoughts on “Rollover For Texts”

  1. Actually, AT&T recently updated their texting plans to a (slightly) more reasonable $10 for 1000 SMS or $20 for unlimited. They got rid of their $5 for 200 tier, which is what I used to use until I got a Google Voice number and finally cancelled my SMS plan altogether (using an iPhone). I think it’s ridiculous that SMS is considered separate from data as it is. I refuse to give them any more money after their $30 a month for data.

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