Whirlpool Mobile Product Registration

I finally sat down to fill out my registration form for a washer/dryer that I recently purchased. I knew better than to bother writing in all of the information and mailing in the card. That would take forever. I was going to use the Whirlpool website and register online. Still, I needed to track down my serial numbers first.

Not so fast! On the registration card is a special barcode that you can scan with your camera phone! I have a barcode scanner in my iPhone called RedLaser. I fired it up and scanned the provided barcode. My phone instantly took me to the Whirlpool mobile website where it already had my product information displayed and the individual serial numbers of my actual units! Wow! Then all I needed to do was type in my name, address, email, and select the store where the products were purchased. Boom! I was done in a flash. It said my product was registered and I immediately got an email from Whirlpool with warranty and product information. I will be notified about potential product recalls via email in the future.

To think I was going to use the website and type it all in. That behavior is now considered old school. I am very impressed. Wow! The future has arrived.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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