Apple TV Flickr Integration Complaint

A new version of iOS for the Apple TV is out. iOS 4.3 has landed and I have updated my 2nd generation unit. (Vimeo support and some other small goodies were added.)

That aside, I have a complaint that the Apple TV doesn’t allow me to actually fully login to my Flickr account. The Flickr integration merely points to one’s public Flickr account, and displays the photos and slideshows accordingly. That is fine and dandy, and the display is quite beautiful, but it only works so long as the photos in one’s library are all “public” photos.

My cousin brought this to my attention. He wanted to look at a photo set on his TV that I’d recently posted, but he couldn’t because I’d set the photos to be private (friends/family only). He cannot view them on his TV because he cannot log in to Flickr directly from his Apple TV box. I tried this myself, and he is correct. Even I can’t see my private photos on my own TV. Crappy!

I have the Flickr iPhone app and it remains permanently logged in to my account, allowing me to browse all of my photos, private or not, as well as upload photos, and manage my account fully. The iOS TV software on the other hand, isn’t a collection of apps, but integrated operating system features. Flickr slideshows and photo browsing is a built-in OS feature, take it or leave it. It does not allow you to log in or tamper with your Flickr account in any way. Grumble.

I went to the Apple support site to write them a nastygram about the Flickr integration. I wasn’t able to find a direct email address to contact them, but a search of the Apple TV discussion board revealed over 27,000 posts about Flickr. Many people have complained about this very issue, some dating back years ago when the first generation Apple TV was introduced. Therefore, the company must be aware that some users want to be able to log in to Flickr directly and see their private content.

I don’t know if it is Apple or Yahoo that is limiting this, but I wish the situation would be remedied. Like now.

Author: Craig Tisinger


3 thoughts on “Apple TV Flickr Integration Complaint”

  1. Strongly agree. Got my Apple TV 3 days ago. Didn’t check photo capabilities. First letdown was that Picasa Web albums are a no-go. Thinking I would change to Flickr — then discovered the no login property. This is frustrating. The ATV has a pretty good looking UI; however, my impression right now is that the experience is fairly weak.

  2. Agree…. I’m actually really frustrated about this. I’m not a fan of the current social status where everyone posts everything – i’m not on Facebook, nor twitter and try to keep my online persona as private possible – however, i do have streams that i’d like to share with family etc, but this is a no go without some form of authentication. This is a standard feature of all Flickr apps that i know of – so why apple fail to integrate it on ATV is a real let down… i’m hoping for a fix in an upcoming update, then i’ll use the feature fully…and likely even buy ATV’s for family for just this reason !

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