Moom for Mac

Moom is a cool window management program that runs in the background on OS X. I first heard about it on the MacBreak Weekly podcast a few months ago. Since that time, Moom become a must-have application on my computer. Moom has many uses and features, but I mainly use it to expand the functionality of the green “plus” button on all open windows on my Mac. I love OS X, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with how it handles the resizing and maximizing of open windows. Moom completes the experience. I think its capabilities should be integrated directly into future versions of the OS. It’s that good!

Visit the Moom website for more information, demos, and a free trial. Moom is only $5 to buy, and is well worth it for something I use every day. You can download the program directly from the developer, but it is also available on the Mac App Store.

Moom Screenshot

Author: Craig Tisinger


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