Do you know about GetGlue? GetGlue is a social networking service that allows users to check-in to a wide variety of topics and entertainment. One could think of it has a Foursquare for media. The service was launched back in late 2008. Despite the fact that it has been around for three years now, I’ve found that a surprisingly few number of people know about it.

I created a GetGlue account late last year in November 2010. Before that time, I admit that I had not heard of the service either. I discovered it after noticing friends post their GetGlue check-ins to Twitter. I was intrigued, and created my own account.

During the past year, I’ve made nearly 300 check-ins and have unlocked 32 stickers. Stickers are unlocked as you become a fan of whatever you’re checking-in to. Your fan status is determined by the number of times you have checked-in to any one topic. Topics include books, movies, television shows, music, podcasts, games, and much more.

I personally happen to enjoy check-in services of all kinds, so GetGlue is a natural fit for my Internet lifestyle. Not only do I find it enjoyable, the service helps me to discover similar musicians and movies that are likely to cater to my taste. I’ve discovered several things that I may not have known about otherwise. In addition, when I make a check-in, I can participate in a conversation thread surrounding that topic that other users have generated.

When I launch GetGlue, I am presented with a feed list of check-ins that my friends have made, allowing me to to see the things that they are enjoying as well. To date, I only have 10 friends that I’m following on the service, but I have more users than that who are following me. My username is Blitzcraig. Unlike Twitter, new followers must be approved by the user.

If you think GetGlue sounds like an interesting service, I encourage you to check it out. Naturally, they also offer convenient apps for the popular mobile platforms.


Author: Craig Tisinger


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