Two Years on the iPhone 3GS

Two years ago today on February 13, 2010 I bought my iPhone 3GS. I had already been using an iPod Touch, but the 3GS was my first smartphone. The exact date had slipped my mind until I happened to check in on Foursquare today. The Foursquare app told me it was my second anniversary on the service, and amusingly added that I look as good as the day we met. Ha! I distinctly remember downloading the Foursquare app not long after I powered on my new phone.

I’ve been a very satisfied iPhone user. I am still using the same 3GS that I purchased two years ago. My phone looks a bit more war-torn that it did on the day that I unboxed it. I’ve dropped it on cement, into a mud puddle, watched it tumble end over end down a sidewalk, found a nick in the glass screen after it smashed onto a concrete balcony without its case, and more. As a result, the exterior has a few dings. Its worst blemish is a few damaged pixels near the top portion of my screen. The damaged pixels cropped up a few days after it took a nasty face-down fall just a few months ago. That said, it has held up remarkably well.

Most importantly, the battery is still solid. If you are an iPhone user, you know that the battery cannot be removed or replaced. It is permanently built into the phone. That was of some concern to me when I bought it, but two years on, the battery life has never been an issue.

When I bought the 3GS it came with iOS 3.0. Today it is running the latest iOS 5.0.1. The OS upgrades have breathed new life and features into my aging hardware. Still, it is beginning to show its age. Two newer iPhones have come to market since I purchased mine. I nearly purchased the 4S this past Christmas, but figured I’d hold out to see what comes out this summer. My old phone will keep rocking until then, provided I keep it off the ground!

Author: Craig Tisinger


3 thoughts on “Two Years on the iPhone 3GS”

  1. I have the minor ding problems, but more importantly some software on mine has slowly dragged to a crawl. Just bringing up the Google app takes something like 20+ seconds. Still, no new phone since my 3GS has the killer features to force me to sign a new contract and drop the extra money, so my 3GS will have to keep chugging.

    1. Kevin, the Google app has always been slow to load from a cold start. I don’t know why. I just use the search box in Safari. There is also Bing, which ain’t half bad. Microsoft made a decent iOS app with Bing. Haha!

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