Phillips-head Screws Should Be Abandoned

I have never cared for Phillips-head screwdrivers. I don’t understand why this type of screw has been commonplace for such a long time. I personally can’t stand them.

I did some research and found that Henry Phillips designed and patented the crosshead screw in the early 1930s. For starters, I find it puzzling that such a design was patentable in the first place. Anyone could have thought up such a simple idea as doubling the notches in the head of a screw.

I prefer flathead screws and screwdrivers. Sure, the screwdriver is prone to slipping out as you use it, but the screws are long lasting and reliable. Nearly any size screwdriver will work with any screw. The design is simple and elegant.

Phillips-head screws require just the right size screwdriver or they will slip. They are also notorious for getting reamed out, especially when they are tightened with an electric screwdriver. Too many times I have gone to unscrew something to find that the head has been completely reamed out. It is nearly impossible to remove a screw that has this problem. For this reason alone, the Phillips-head design should be abandoned.

If it were up to me, every screw manufactured from this point forward would be a flathead until someone smarter than Mr. Phillips can invent something worth using.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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