Earbud Labeling Should Be Made Clear

These days, the use of traditional headphones has given way to little earbuds that we stick in our ears. Of course, old school headphones sound better, but even I have succumb to use the basic earbuds that came with my iPod.

I have a complaint to make; one that I imagine would be universal. That is that every company makes it too difficult to determine which of the two earbuds you are sticking in your ear. The little L and R stamped on the sides are unnecessarily hard to read, regardless of the brand. I find this to be needlessly frustrating. I have complained about this many times over the past few years.

I would like to propose a new standard in which the left earbud is a completely different color than the right one. Earbuds should be made with one side black and the other side white, for instance. Whether I am holding the left or right earbud needs to be made blatantly obvious. It is important to the sound quality that the correct half is in the correct corresponding ear. I beg the manufacturers of these things to make it clear which is which. This desperately needs to be done. Somebody make it so.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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