Notched Coat Hangers Are Annoying

Why is it hard to find normal plastic coat hangers these days? They are becoming a rare find. The last few times I went shopping for some, all I was able to find were ones with notches at the top at both ends. I don’t understand why stores want to push these dreadful creations on people. They are terrible!

In my experience, the only thing they are good for is giving me a hard time trying to get my clothes off of them. With a normal straight-lined hanger, I can reach up and pull a shirt right off with a single hand. This isn’t the case with the notched hangers. One side of the shirt always gets caught in the notch, forcing me to have to pull the entire hanger from the rack to remove the shirt from it. Sure, it’s a minor inconvenience, but one I wouldn’t have to endure if I could simply buy the kind of hangers that I’m accustomed to. I’m tired of having to buy these abominations.

I took the picture below at Walmart while I was looking for a pack of normal hangers this week, which were nowhere to be found. Interestingly, I posted the picture on Facebook and got some insightful responses. Every girl that commented on the photo said that they love the notched hangers and that they are all they will use. In contrast, every guy that commented agreed with me that notched hangers are awful. It seems that girls own too many shirts with straps that won’t stay on normal hangers. I suppose the notched hanger design is one solution for that problem. Another solution would be to put those shirts in a drawer.

I pitched the idea that hanger manufacturers should make a “his and hers” product line. I don’t see that ever happening, but it’s a funny thought.

Notched coat hangers

Author: Craig Tisinger


6 thoughts on “Notched Coat Hangers Are Annoying”

  1. Craig, how right you are. Those kind of hangers are a real pain
    for everyone. You should start a campaign for companies to
    stop making them..

  2. That’s kind of like complaining about underwear that does not have a hole in the front for going to the bathroom when you are talking about women’s underwear: Try not buying girl hangers.

    I am personally annoyed by how easily my shirts can fall off of the hanger–I don’t like having a section of empty hangers with clothes tumbled on the floor of the closet. It’s not just spaghetti strapped shirts, but shirts with deep or scooped necklines. Those shirts have the loops sown inside that are made to hook on the notches to keep the shirt secure.

    I see plenty of unnotched hangers at target. Stop going to Roses.

  3. Craig, you are so right! I am female and hate these abominable hangers for the same reasons you cited. I want to grab and go! Why can’t they market both kinds of hangers? I cannot seem to find any anywhere!

  4. Same problem in UK now. The straight lined hangers have now disappeared from every store, including ikea. Curiously, Ikea are now marketing a plastic hanger cover to put over the notched hanger, thus incurring extra cost and ultimately sacrificing hanging space in the wardrobe, because the plastic increases the overall size of the hanger and the space used.

  5. We have a mission store here in town. They are our favorite for summer there. Spaghetti straps, tank tops n so on only stay on these. At home I hate em. They leave bumps in the shoulders of t shirts n knit tops. I can see both sides :).

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