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I’ve been playing the game Words With Friends for many years now. I began playing way back in 2009 when I got my first iPod Touch. I’ve never been one to tolerate ads in my games, so I bypassed the free version and bought the paid version of the game for $2.99. I bought it well before Zynga acquired the game from Newtoy, the original creator of Words With Friends.

I’ve often had a dozen games going at once, but there are other times when I haven’t touched the game for a couple of months. Currently, I have about 8 games in progress. I usually make my move on each game board once a day when I go to bed at night, but sometimes more often throughout the day, depending on what I’m doing. In all the years I’ve been playing, there is no doubt that I’ve gotten my $3 worth out of this game.

Since Zynga acquired Words With Friends back in late 2010, the company has made several attempts to eke out ever more dollars from its users, even those of us who already paid to download the game in the past. To date, there are the following bonus items available for in-app purchase: Tile Pile ($0.99), Word-O-Meter ($2.99), and the Ultimate Play Pack ($14.99). I don’t know why any of these bonus features would be necessary for gameplay, or what would compel anyone to actually buy them.

I had asked Zynga for years to add some form of win/loss statistics to the game. I’d never understood why that feature wasn’t incorporated in the initial version. What is the motivation to try as hard as you can to win when your loss ratio isn’t tallied in the first place? Also, what negative reinforcement is there to discourage people from just resigning the games that they clearly aren’t going to win? Unfortunately, people do that all the time. The lack of game stats has been a point of frustration for me.

Here is a tweet I wrote to Newtoy way back on September 14, 2010: “@newtoy Why doesn’t Words With Friends keep a tally of my win/loss count? Can this be added as a feature? I’d like to know my game record.”

Yesterday, Zynga answered the call with a new Words With Friends feature: A lifetime win/loss stats page! It’s about time they finally got around to adding this! Not so fast, though. There is a catch. You must fork out $4.99 to access the stats page! That’s lunacy. I don’t care enough to even pay $1, let alone $5. How many people are going to be willing to pay that much money for some stats that they have been playing without for years already? They are simply trying to squeeze every last drop of money that they can on this game. I don’t approve of this senseless money grab one bit. Sorry, but I won’t be paying $5 for the privilege of seeing my stats. No way!

If you want to play with me, my username is Blitzcraig2.

Words With Friends stats for a fee

Author: Craig Tisinger


13 thoughts on “Words With Friends Stats – For A Fee”

  1. I actually find your response lunacy. This company made something you continue to enjoy, and over the past 4 years all they’ve gotten from you is $3. Unlike other games, wwf doesn’t beat you over the head with cash grabs like coins or gems that are needed to continue or enhance gameplay. I happily gave them an additional $5 not only to get stats, but also to support the programmers, servers, support, etc. None of this is free.

    Everyone who plays the game regularly should happily fork over a one time $5 charge.

  2. So you cared enough to “ask them for years” to implement this feature, and you cared enough to write and publish this piece on the internet about it, but you don’t care enough to pay “$1, let alone $5”?!? That makes no sense to me. You’ve surely spent hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars worth of your time playing this game and writing about this game. $5 is nothing.

  3. I agree that $5 is nothing in the large scheme of things, but $5 just for access to the stats page is asking a lot, in my opinion.

    I don’t mind paying for and supporting games. I have bought a lot of games. I know a lot of people who have owned a smartphone for years who have never paid a single cent for an app, and even refuse to. It baffles me how cheap some people are and how unwilling they are to support the app developers. I would probably pay $1 or $2 for the stats page, simply to support the developers, but the vast majority of players certainly would not.

  4. I agree, good post. Stats should be an added feature for the paid version. We should not be expected to pay extra for that info. It should be used as an incentive for those using the free version. I don’t see how this company can be losing money with a popular game like this.

    I can understand charging for “helper” or cheat apps like the new one they’re offering called “Vision,” which offers 3 good words to play. But now Zynga is messing with the integrity of their best game.

  5. This game is priced higher than most, but gives you a lot less. When you purchase the paid version of Ruzzle it includes all the stats and that popular game is only $3.99. I agree with Craig, I’m not going to pay an additional $4.99 for something I’ve already paid $4.99 (which should have included stats). Comments above talk about supporting the programmers, etc. At $4.99 they are being well supported. We are buying an electronic game, not a physical board game with material costs. There are people getting rich off $.99 apps, asking an additional $4.99 for stats is gouging.

  6. I was just looking for where I can find my stats on the Facebook version, and then came across this article. I’m not sure if I just can’t find it, or if they sell stats, but I must say I do agree that Zynga is ridiculous with microtransactions.

  7. First post nailed it. Plunk down $5 and your total cash outlay for something you’ve admittedly gotten way mode than your money’s worth out of becomes $8. Eight US dollars for years of enjoyment. Plus – PLUS – you can stop whining.

  8. It’s an enhancement to the game and a great idea. But the idea is that this will make many more people buy the game and make them more money. They should not add it to the free version. Only the paid version. $5 extra is 66% more than the game cost to begin with.

  9. They get money from the ads. Scrabble gives you all your stats. Why not wwf. I play the free version and don’t mind the ads as I realize that’s how they get paid. Just saying.

  10. Think about it. Pretty much everyone has an arguable point…so, (I hope the game developers are listening) I have an idea they could use that might be agreeable to all. IMO they don’t need $5 to support giving us stats, but how about if it was $3 and $2 went to the Red Cross or maybe they let us decide between 4 or 5 great charities? It might start a wave of microgiving that makes a difference.

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