Tuesday Deals at The Fresh Market

I love shopping at The Fresh Market. We have a few locations here in Raleigh, NC. In fact, the store originated in nearby Greensboro. Today they have locations in 20 states. They are dedicated to providing fresh local foods.

I can attest to the quality of their groceries, particularly their abundant selection of fresh raw meats and seafood.

If you are fortunate to have one of these stores in your city, I want to inform you about a great way to get delicious discounted meats. Every Tuesday, they have a “buy one, get one free” special on selected cuts of meat. The item on sale changes every month.

For example, last month (August), the Tuesday special was for bone-in organic chicken breasts. I went twice during the month to load up on the chicken special. This month the special is sirloin steaks and pork tenderloins. Scrumptious! Again, happens every Tuesday of the month!

I’ve been trying to spread the word about this awesome bargain since I discovered it. Everyone can buy fresh, quality meats at a terrific discount. To find out more, visit The Fresh Market website. Be sure to tap on the “View Specials” tab for information about the Tuesday special, and other deals as well.

Go forth and feast!

Author: Craig Tisinger


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