Vigilance Theme Commitment

I use WordPress as the content management system for my site. In the early days I could not settle on a site theme, and found myself changing the theme as often as every few months. In those early days I went through more than five different theme changes. I was always looking for a keeper that I could use indefinitely.

My current theme, called Vigilance, has been that keeper. I’ve used the Vigilance theme for more than four years now. It was developed by The Theme Foundry. I have a lifetime membership at The Theme Foundry. I’m a big fan of their work and I’ve had great experiences with their support.

While visiting their site last week, I discovered that Vigilance has been retired. I suppose that wasn’t much of a surprise. It was one of their early themes and the time had come for them to discontinue development of it. Learning of this news, it occurred to me for the first time in four years to look for a modern replacement. I took to the task of finding a new theme.

After a deal of searching and experimentation, I didn’t find a theme that I wanted to commit to. It seems as though a lot of themes today are built around magazine-style layouts with a lot of emphasis on photos. My blog is mostly all text. I use photos only when they are relevant to the topic.

I’ve decided that at this time I’m going to continue using Vigilance as my site theme. I know it’s not the most modern-looking theme, but I still like it for the same reasons I did when I first chose it. It’s clean, simple, and has solid HTML and CSS code under the hood. I’ve done a good bit of customization behind the scenes over the years. I’ll keep it around a little longer.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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