Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

I recently heard about Sleeping Tapes. Sleeping Tapes is an album recorded by Jeff Bridges to help assist you in going to sleep. I’ve listened to it for the past two nights and I really enjoyed it.

The project was part of an ad campaign for Squarespace. The commercial ran during Super Bowl 2015 a couple of weeks ago. If you visit the link above, you can get information on the project and download the entire digital album for free. You are encouraged to donate money to the charity No Kid Hungry, but you can download it without donating, if you choose.

Sleeping Tapes is certainly a bit strange overall, but it is intriguing to say the least. You must listen to the tracks in order, as they blend and weave together. The first time I listened to it, I accidentally had my iPod on shuffle and I was a little confused during a couple of transitions until I realized what was happening.

There are 15 tracks on the album. My favorites are: Introduction (Good Evening), The Raven, and Temescal Canyon. At 11 minutes, Temescal Canyon is by far the longest track. My least favorite track is See You at the Dreaming Tree. That one has sounds of little kids laughing and running around. That kind of noise doesn’t relax me at all. That track could have been eliminated from the production, in my opinion.

The entire album is 44 minutes. I wish it were longer. I hope that Jeff Bridges decides to record a sequel. I don’t know if he has any incentive to do so, but I think that given the positive reception to Sleeping Tapes, the masses would welcome a second album.

Give Sleeping Tapes a listen. You can play any track directly on the website if you don’t wish to download the entire album. At the very least, listen to the Introduction track. It’s only 2 minutes long and it sets the tone for that lies ahead.

Happy sleeping!

Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

Author: Craig Tisinger


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