The Unsettling Silent Public Bathroom

Public bathrooms are far too quiet. I find this to be the case at most places. It bothers me.

The bathrooms in my office building are completely silent. It’s disturbing. I don’t mind it as much when I am in there alone. It’s when I’m in there with other people that it becomes unsettling. When you’re standing next to someone at a urinal, it is common knowledge that you do not speak to each other. The dead silence in the room can create some very awkward moments.

For example, when someone is pooping in a stall, I do not want to hear it. I don’t want any knowledge of what is going on in there whatsoever. The bathroom desperately needs some background noise. It shouldn’t be totally silent. It creates an awkward situation for all parties involved.

Public bathrooms should have some type of ambient sound that is constantly playing. Think of it as some white noise to mask the yellow noise, if you get my drift. Ha! I had to work that line in somewhere.

In all seriousness, an end to the complete silence is sorely needed. Some restaurants pump music into the bathroom, and that’s a fine solution. It gets the job done. I would suggest that the sound could also be that of an exhaust fan, a waterfall, a mechanical hum, or practically anything. Anything would be better than nothing!

I prefer the idea of some basic white noise rather than using music. It doesn’t have to be a mechanical object. A simple speaker embedded in the ceiling would work just fine. Then any noise come out of it that one prefers. Let’s implement this, for everyone’s sake.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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