Dishwashing the Keyboard

This post is long overdue. No one is going to read this, so I’ll give you the short, short version.

I spilled coffee into my keyboard. The right half stopped functioning.

I read blog posts insisting that you can put a keyboard in the dishwasher.

I did.

The left side continued working correctly after the wash, to my amazement, but it did not fix the problem.

The dishwasher miraculously didn’t damage the keyboard, but it didn’t fix the coffee corrupted problem, as I read that it would.

I bought a new one.

The end.

Author: Craig Tisinger


2 thoughts on “Dishwashing the Keyboard”

  1. So, why do you write if you think no one is going to read this? Note that this reply is also very unconventional because it has nothing to do with the intended focus of the blog :p

  2. This sounds like something you could add to your hate list. Next thing we know you will blame the dishwasher for not having a keyboard setting.

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