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I’ll jump straight to the point: Does “Everybody’s Golf” on PlayStation 4 allow local multiplayer? Yes!

There. Said and done. If you want to read more, continue on…

Ages ago I used to play an old PlayStation 2 game called Hot Shots Golf. I don’t remember why I had it at the time, but it turned out to be an incredibly fun game. The playful, cartoonish nature of the gameplay made it far more fun than the more serious variety of golf games, such as PGA Tour.

Hot Shots Golf 3 was made way back in 2002. I hadn’t thought about the game in a long time, until I was going through a box of old video games in my closet. I found this game and fired up my old PS2 to play it once again. The graphics are dated, for sure, but the overall fun is certainly still there.

With that backstory out of the way, I was searching online to see if the developer had made a more recent version of the game. The answer is yes!

The international version of Hot Shots Golf was called Everybody’s Golf. The company had ditched the Hot Shots Golf name in favor of a unified title. To my surprise, a shiny new release of Everybody’s Golf hit the PlayStation 4 in late 2017. I was so excited! It became an instant must-have.

I will note that Everybody’s Golf (and its predecessors) are made by a game studio in Japan, and are distributed by Sony Computer Interactive. As such, these titles aren’t available on the XBOX.

My friend and I went to GameStop to look for this game. They had the game, but we were sorely disappointed to see that the backside of the case was labeled as one-player only. (There were online multiplayer options, but that wasn’t my immediate interest.) The one-player limitation completely took the wind out of our sails.

While in the store, I scrambled on my phone to search online for clarification about the possibly a local multiplayer option. I wasn’t able to find any definitive answer about it on any websites, reviews, or message boards. It was a rather quick search, but a direct answer was elusive.

Despite that major potential drawback, we decided to buy the game anyway.


I am here to tell you that the game DOES support local multiplayer! (A few online forums had commented that you need to share a single controller, but that is absolutely not true.) You can play the game in local multiplayer mode using multiple controllers. Why the box lists the game as one-player is beyond me. It makes no sense because it is completely untrue. I wonder how many potential sales they’ve lost by labeling that on there.

Beyond the multiplayer aspect, the game play is excellent. The characters aren’t quite as goofy as the old Hot Shots game, but all of the fun game elements are still there. In fact, the controls are the same as the game I played all those years ago. The graphics are modern and attractive. The sound effects are great, too. In versus mode, you can even still taunt your opponent by making noises using your controller when it’s not your turn. That feature was an old favorite of mine from the previous game.

I’ve only played Everybody’s Golf for a few days. This post isn’t meant to be an overall review. The only reason that I wrote this was to put something online that clearly stated that local multiplayer does work in this game.

Everybody’s Golf is a blast. What sets it apart from other games is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously compared to traditional sports games. It’s probably one of the most chill games you can play on a game console. I am impressed that this whimsical classic lives on.

While writing this post, I did tweet Sony about this. I tweeted: “@PlayStation Sony, why did you label Everybody’s Golf PS4 as 1-player on the game box? Almost didn’t buy it due to that. It DOES have local “vs” mode, and I love it! You need to make local multiplayer ability abundantly clear on the packaging.”

Everybody's Golf

Author: Craig Tisinger


5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Golf PS4 Local Multiplayer”

  1. I’d never heard of this game but looked it up and it has some really great reviews. Plus the idea of adding MMORPG elements to a golf game sounds really fun. I’d love to try it!

  2. Hi! Thanks for this post!
    We are struggling to understand exactly step by step HOW to use multiple controllers? we onlu seem to be able to use the game by passing the same controller. Are you absolutely sure it can be played with multiple controllers? If so Could you possibly email me and explain it please? Id be very greatful! my email is: basil (at) basilsimon (dot com)Thanks!

    1. If you’re using the PS4 version, when you load the game it has an option for single player or multiplayer. As long as you have two controllers turned on and signed in, you can each use your own controller. It’s really very simple.

  3. Just like you, I played the PS2 version and was glad to see it in PS4. And also figured out we can do local multi-player. Great!

    What I didn’t figure out how to do is this… Say the two players are John and Mary. John was the first player to start and setup the game, then Mary was added as player 2 after.

    When playing in multi-player mode you don’t earn new courses, etc. so as far as I know you need to do ‘challenge tournaments’ – I don’t see any way for ‘Mary’ (player 2) to play in these – I realize these are not multi-player, but at times I would like Mary to play to open up courses, etc instead of John.

    Is there any way to do that?

    1. Hi. Sorry for the delayed reply. I am unsure of the answer to your question. I’ve played it with a friend using a regular PS4 profile and a second “guest” account. The guest account doesn’t save any progress after a session in any game, that I can tell. If Mary had her own profile on the PS4, I’d think Mary would be able to play tournaments alone and unlock courses. I would think it would treat each person separate players, so Mary probably wouldn’t be able to use the upgrades that John had already unlocked. I’m sorry that I am not really sure beyond that!

      It’s a shame that you cannot unlock courses and club upgrades in 2-player mode. I wish that were possible.

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