My Yelp Review of The Pit

Today I created an account on Yelp. Here is my Yelp profile. For my first review, I wrote about the local restaurant in Raleigh called The Pit. I’ve pasted my review below.

I saw this restaurant on the Travel Channel show “Man v. Food”. I had never heard of The Pit before then.

We made reservations for a Sunday night and it was very crowded. Interestingly, they notified those waiting for a table via your cell phone that a table was now available. I don’t know if that was for those that already had reservations, or everyone.

The staff was a little uncoordinated in some ways, but that is a minor point. The food was absolutely delicious. The baby back ribs literally fall off the bone they are so tender. Everything was quite good. The nice atmosphere was the icing on the cake.

I certainly recommend dining at The Pit.

No More Restaurant Bacon!

I’ve decided not to eat any more bacon when eating out at a restaurant, be it fast food or otherwise. I am sick and tired of being served bacon that is absolutely horrid in appearance and taste. That is all I can expect when I eat it anywhere other than at home. The bacon I’ve been served over the years has been consistently pitiful and puke-inducing. How hard can it be to cook a crisp piece of quality bacon?

The vast majority of the time, restaurant bacon is served up as a shriveled, wet, greasy, white, uncooked blob of fat. Does anyone other than me know what a cooked piece of bacon even looks like? It is a cooked crispy brown. Everywhere I go the bacon is barely cooked, limp, and consists mostly chewy fat.

This problem is particularly bad a fast food places. They are not alone, but Wendys and Jersey Mikes stand out in my mind as being among the worst offenders. If I order a club sub at Jersey Mikes, I have to refuse the bacon. If I forget to opt out, I end up with a disgusting sandwich, layered in bacon that has the texture of stringy, sinewy, chewy fat. I lose my appetite trying to sever it with my teeth.

I’m fed up! Making bacon isn’t very hard. It’s easy to make on the stove, in the oven, or microwave. How does one mess it up? I don’t understand. I’ll no longer accept bacon in my food when I go out to eat. I’ve had enough of feeling sick to my stomach after pulling a white, fatty, uncooked blob of fat from my sandwiches. I’m done! I’ll have no more of this.

Bad Breakfast Sandwiches at Starbucks

I am a big fan of Starbucks, and I appreciate their delicious coffees. However, the local Starbucks near my house recently began offering hot breakfast sandwiches on the menu. The descriptions and photos were tempting. I’ve since tried two of these sandwiches. First, I ordered a bacon and egg sandwich, and sometime later, a sausage and egg sandwich. Both sandwiches came on an English muffin.

Despite my love and appreciation for Starbucks’ coffee and pastries, I have to say that the hot breakfast sandwiches are a complete disaster. They are absolutely disgusting. They are nothing more than a frozen meal that is tossed in a microwave. I was not able to finish eating either of the two sandwiches I bought. They were both tasteless and had the texture of an old rubbery tire. I’d have been better off buying a frozen biscuit at a gas station and heating it in the sun. Be warned, if you are at Starbucks and are hungry for hot food, I strongly advise against ordering one of these breakfast sandwiches. You will seriously regret ordering one. Terrible!

The Good Egg Restaurant

When my family was in Phoenix in 2004, we ate at a breakfast restaurant called The Good Egg. It turned out to be the best breakfast restaurant ever. This small breakfast chain, with locations only in Phoenix and Tucson, is simply outstanding. We went back twice more to eat during our vacation in Phoenix last week.

If you are ever in the area, you absolutely must stop here and have a bite to eat. You’re certain to find the friendliest people, the most delicious menu, and best tasting food you can imagine. Yes, it’s that good. Love live The Good Egg!

The Good Egg in Phoenix

Just Cook This With Sam Zien

I’ve recently started watching an awesome new cooking show with Sam Zien called Just Cook This. It’s on the Discovery Health Channel. It’s a totally different kind of cooking show. Sam is a very casual, laid back guy who cooks out of his own house. He pokes fun at the typical TV food show, and is not your conventional host. Most importantly, this show introduces new ways of cooking very simple dishes, in both a healthy and easy way. Almost all of the foods that Sam cooks are ones that I’d certainly try at home on my own. This guy doesn’t talk over your head, or try to impress you with fancy dishes. He’s just a regular guy showing you simple ways to cook your own meals and manage your food. Check it out sometime!