"Cyber" Products

Do you ever see these cheesy magazine ads for computer equipment or electronics that are made by companies like Cybertron or CyberPower? How lame. Why would anybody want to buy these products? How can you have any confidence in something that has such a cheesy name? If they didn’t put any effort in forming their company, what makes you think that the stuff they are selling is worth anything either?

The next time you see an ad for a “Cyber” anything, be sure to laugh and think of me…because you heard it here.

Tablet PCs

I am assuming that you know what a tablet computer is. It isn’t a new concept anymore by this time, but I want to comment on it. By this point in time, most computer manufacturers have at least one tablet PC in their lineup. If you don’t know, it is a notebook computer that has a swivel screen so you can literally write or draw on top of the LCD with a special pen. Creations display on the screen underneath as you do it, live. I admit, it is an interesting idea, but does anyone honestly need one of these things? I cannot imagine a single instance where anyone’s productivity is going to increase by having this kind of computer.

I saw an ad for one of these in a magazine recently. It showed a group of corporate-types sitting around a large desk and one young smart-ass looking guy is holding up his tablet computer, and he has just circled the profit graph that he had on screen and drew in an upward arrow. Now come on. If that is all it is good for, nobody needs such a device. What is the point of any of this? It doesn’t serve a purpose. Myself, I have tried one at a local store and found the “fun” factor of this feature to last all of five minutes.

I do not have any evidence of this, but I would imagine that over time, the LCD screen of this tablet would start to show wear and tear from the pen motions. I would like to know the sales record of these machines. Who is buying them? And I would like to survey the owners a year later and ask them how many times they have used the tablet feature. It probably drops off to none about a week after ownership. I could be wrong, though.