iHandy App for iPhone

I recently discovered some very creative iPhone apps in the App Store. A couple of my new favorites are the useful tools from iHandySoft. Download the iHandy Level and you’re sure to be surprised by the sensitivity and accuracy. I had never thought of this kind of app before. Ingenious! If you like the free leveler, you’ll probably want to get the complete iHandy Carpenter app, which includes even more awesome tools!

iHandy Level

Craig’s iPhone App Picks: Part One

I’ve been downloading scores of iPhone apps for my iTouch. I’m loving it. I have several favorites. There are 35,000 apps out there. That is a stunning amount. I’ve put off writing this post because I needed time to sample dozens of apps. I’m now going to take a moment to chime in on my findings thus far. Below, I’ve listed my top 10 general apps and top 10 games. I’ll post a follow up sometime in the near future. For now, I’ll call this app list Part One.

General Apps:

  1. Facebook – nicely done!
  2. Tweetie – my favorite twitter app.
  3. The New York Times – superb news reader.
  4. USA Today – great news reader.
  5. WeatherBug Elite – all things weather-related, including live animated weather maps.
  6. CoolIris – pulls pics from your online photo site (like flickr). browse your photos as if they were on your phone already.
  7. Google Mobile – instant access to all things google.
  8. Shopper – a very handy grocery shopping tool and list maker.
  9. AllRecipes – awesome recipe app. i loved their website already.
  10. iConvert – convert any measurement to anything. my favorite conversion app. extremely handy.


  1. FieldRunners – a tower defense game. my favorite game! so addictive.
  2. Flight Control – very fun game. in my top 5. you are an air traffic controller.
  3. X-Plane – beautiful flight simulator.
  4. Chopper – fun horizontal scrolling helicopter game.
  5. Flick Fishing – a clever fishing game with nice hand gesture casting. very creative.
  6. Blocked – i love the simple notebook paper background and pencil drawing. this is a fun mind/puzzle game.
  7. Wolfenstein 3D – wow! it’s the original DOS game on the iphone. not very practical, but i had to see it.
  8. Simon Says – the old-school simon color memorization game. just for kicks. it gets old very fast.
  9. Peggle – super fun game. a great port of the original pc game.
  10. Sudoku – outstandingly well done, in my opinion.

Tweetie for Mac and iPhone

I was listening to the MacBreak Weekly podcast from Twit today and heard about the new Tweetie application for Twitter on the Mac. The folks on the show raved about it, and now having used it, I must agree. It is very well made. The layout is incredibly intuitive, it’s a true native Cocoa Mac application, and it is the best of its kind. If you use Twitter, I highly recommend it.

I am using the free ad-based version, in which the ads are barely even noticeable. To purchase the program, the author is only asking $14.95. In addition to Tweetie for Mac, a version for the iPhone is also available. This little program is a gem on any platform.