Xmarks is Shutting Down

Back in 2006, a free extension for Firefox named Foxmarks made its debut. The service exploded in popularity and was later re-branded as Xmarks. Today they have a version of Xmarks for all of the major web browsers. I’ve been using it for years to keep the bookmarks on my desktop computer in sync with those on my laptop. It is always the first extension I add when installing a new browser.

To my disappointment, Xmarks notified all of its users last week that they are shutting down the service in January 2011. The company said they are out of money and cannot continue operations. They are directing users to the built-in sync features in Chrome and in the upcoming Firefox 4. Firefox 3.x users today can download the Firefox Sync add-on from Mozilla. I’m pleased that bookmark syncing is starting to be included as a standard browser feature, but that doesn’t address syncing across multiple browser types which Xmarks currently provides.

So long, Xmarks. Thank you for providing such an awesome service for free for all of these years. It’s been a good ride.

Browser HTML5 Testing

HTML5 is still being developed as the next major revision of the HTML markup language. You can test your web browser how well it already supports HTML5. Visit html5test.com and put your browser to the test. There are 160 elements that are tested on the site. I put all of my Mac browsers to the test: Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Chrome scored the highest by far.

In addition to my Mac, I also tested Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. Its score was absolutely abysmal. If I were a Windows user, I’d never use Internet Explorer, regardless of the version installed.

I’ve listed my results below.

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 – Score 101
  • Apple Safari 4.0.5 – Score 113
  • Google Chrome 5.0 – Score 142
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 – Score 19