If you’re looking for a local business, and haven’t tried, you’re missing out. Yelp helps you find hundreds of local businesses, from restaurants to bars, doctors, shopping, hotels, and more. When in we were on vacation in New York City last weekend, we made great use of Yelp to find local restaurants in the Manhattan area. Users rate and review business of all kinds. You’ll surely find the site to be a great resource. I’m considering signing up and writing my own reviews. Check it out.

The Good Egg Restaurant

When my family was in Phoenix in 2004, we ate at a breakfast restaurant called The Good Egg. It turned out to be the best breakfast restaurant ever. This small breakfast chain, with locations only in Phoenix and Tucson, is simply outstanding. We went back twice more to eat during our vacation in Phoenix last week.

If you are ever in the area, you absolutely must stop here and have a bite to eat. You’re certain to find the friendliest people, the most delicious menu, and best tasting food you can imagine. Yes, it’s that good. Love live The Good Egg!

The Good Egg in Phoenix

Just Cook This With Sam Zien

I’ve recently started watching an awesome new cooking show with Sam Zien called Just Cook This. It’s on the Discovery Health Channel. It’s a totally different kind of cooking show. Sam is a very casual, laid back guy who cooks out of his own house. He pokes fun at the typical TV food show, and is not your conventional host. Most importantly, this show introduces new ways of cooking very simple dishes, in both a healthy and easy way. Almost all of the foods that Sam cooks are ones that I’d certainly try at home on my own. This guy doesn’t talk over your head, or try to impress you with fancy dishes. He’s just a regular guy showing you simple ways to cook your own meals and manage your food. Check it out sometime!

Swiss Cake Rolls Used to be Good

What has happened to the state of Swiss Cake Rolls today? I remember when I was a kid, I would be so thrilled if I had a pack in my lunchbox. I can vividly remember how soft, fresh, creamy, and fantastic they were. Today, the same little cakes are borderline terrible. I don’t believe it is just my imagination, either.

Last night I opened a pack and I could only stomach one of the two rolls. It just wasn’t good, and had little taste. Today’s Swiss Cake Rolls taste so cheap and industrial, they are like biting into moist rolled-up cardboard. They have the texture of something made from chemicals and heavy machinery. I swear that over the years and decades they must have dramatically changed the recipe, and are just riding out their success using the original box. I don’t plan to buy any more of these, at least for a very long time. They are not the least bit good anymore.

Swiss Cake Rolls


Do you have a Biscuitville restaurant in your area? If so, go there as soon as possible. They serve breakfast food that is very fast, but also very good. All of their meals taste like breakfast that you’d make yourself at home. And best of all, it is cheap and they serve until 2 PM. Since I moved close to one over a year ago, it has become a weekend routine. I suggest you try it.

Bigger Ketchup Packets

Why are ketchup packets so small? It takes three or four to even enjoy your fries. Why don’t they just make packets that are the size of the salad dressing packets? It would probably cut down on wastefulness, I would think. I always grab a huge handful of ketchup packets when I’m eating fast food. I don’t always use them all. If I could grab one big ketchup pouch, I’d be on my way.

While I am on the subject, for some reason McDonald’s “fancy ketchup” is the best tasting ketchup. Do you not agree?

I Hate Wendys

I despise Wendys fast food. People continue to eat there and I don’t know why. The food is terrible. Now, I know McDonalds serves low-quality burgers, but they have a certain appeal to them, and they are very consistent. You know what you are going to get and it is just about always the same. Wendys is another matter.

I decided to boycott Wendys after one-too-many bad meals there. This was October of 2005, and I haven’t been back since. I am not exaggerating when I say that at least half the time, the food is terrible. I am saying that at least every other time I go, it is a complete waste of my money and time. Their fries are never good, and usually have that “sitting around” feel about them. The square burger patties are nothing to brag about and the photos of their burgers make them so generic looking. They look like they were in the frozen foods section at Sams. Their popular Frosty is way overrated, too. It isn’t very good, and is usually on its way to being liquid chocolate milk when it gets handed to you.

The only appealing thing about the place is the speed of the drive-thru. It is super-fast and efficient. Why? Because all of their food was made hours before you showed up. And the taste proves it.

Except for speed, everything else about Wendys is absolutely terrible. It took me a long time to admit it, but think about it, and admit it to yourself. When was the last time you ate there and actually enjoyed it? As for me, I can’t even remember.

Orange is Ruined

I have gotten to the point where I don’t like anything tasting or smelling of orange. The fragrance has been ruined. Too many cleaning products and air fresheners have orange scent. As soon as I smell the odor of orange, my immediate reaction is that is smells like chemicals. It smells just like all of the cleaning products that I have ever used that had an orange scent.

I especially hate orange flavorings in cooking. Meals that have orange-flavored beef or chicken are absolutely horrible. I don’t believe that I ever liked that kind of thing, but even more so today, it smells like somebody sprayed the food with 409.

With the exception of real oranges and orange juice, everything else orange should be abolished.