Bill Maher’s New Rules

Me and Laura used to watch Real Time With Bill Maher when we had HBO. I used to love the “New Rules” segment in the show. I rented the New Rules DVD from Netflix and just watched it. It is a collection of all them. I love his opinions, his rants, and his delivery. This was well worth watching for me, especially considering the existence of my own hate list. The material may soon feel dated, since it is largely based on current events from 2003-2005. Regardless, this DVD is hilarious. I felt like applauding the whole time.

Craig's Pissed Site

I found an interesting website recently. Apparently I’m not the only Craig out there with a hate list. I ran across the website and found it to be quite funny. This guy’s mantra is “Forget Craigslist. Craig’s Pissed.” It looks like the owner hasn’t updated it much lately, but some of the older entries are pretty funny. If you enjoy reading my hate list, I think you’ll like reading this guy’s complaints.

Team America

Have you seen the movie Team America? It is a scream! I am fooling on my computer and it was just playing on Showtime in the background. I had forgotten how funny it is. It’s a great movie and completely crazy. I watched it a while back when I rented it from Netflix. The unrated DVD version has some astonishingly bold scenes in it. If you’ve seen it, then you know what I mean.