Hurl In The Sink

I want to discuss an unpleasant topic – vomiting. I suppose that the subject is a bit nasty compared to the things that I generally write about, but rest assured, it happens to us all from time to time.

People traditionally do the dirty deed crouched on their hands and knees over a toilet. Why is that the standard way of handling this? When you think about it, it’s pretty gross. The thought of having my mouth anywhere near the toilet makes me want to barf, even when I don’t feel sick. I’d rather go outside and do it in the yard before going to the bathroom and getting face-to-face with the commode.

It’s very rare that I feel sick to the point of throwing up. However, one day last month I felt sick after eating at home. The thought of going to the bathroom and staring into the toilet bowl seemed so foul that I decided I wasn’t going to do it.

I took a rational approach and stood over the kitchen sink to deal with the matter. Since the outcome was surely not going to be pure liquid, I used the side with the garbage disposal. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll tell you that it was a complete success. It was a brilliant plan! I don’t want to be crouched over a toilet bowl ever again.

I understand, however, that if you are in the company of other people, you may want to go to the bathroom for privacy. If that isn’t an issue, then the kitchen sink is the way to go. Using the sink, you are able to get through the unpleasant act on your feet, with a sense of dignity. I urge that you consider it the next time you are feeling ill.

Alba Body Lotion

I could have written this post over a year ago. That was when I first discovered the best body lotion on the market, Alba lotion from Alba Botanica. It’s the best I’ve ever used. It used to be a bit of a struggle to find, but today you can buy it at Target. I prefer the Alba original body lotion. The scent and texture are among the finest I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend picking some up. You won’t regret it.

My New MaxFitness 75 cm Exercise Ball

Recently, I posted about trading in my old computer chair for a healthy exercise ball chair. I’d mistakenly bought a 65 cm ball size, which turned out to be a tad too small for my 5’10” frame and 30″ high computer desk. For my new, larger ball, I ordered a 75 cm ball via Amazon from a company called MaxFitness. This ball got great customer reviews on Amazon. I’m sitting on it now, for the first time. The height is absolutely perfect. The ball is thick and durable. So far I am very pleased with my new purchase.

Exercise Balls as Chairs – Size Matters

Recently, Tech guru Leo Laporte gave me the idea to replace my stiff computer chair with an exercise ball. There is evidence that sitting on a ball is beneficial for your muscles and posture. This practice seems popular among geeky circles, and I decided to try it myself. The size of your ball is of utmost importance. Balls range in size from 45 cm up to 85 cm. I did a lot of research in this area before settling on a purchase.

I am 5’10” tall, with rather long legs, and all evidence online directed me to buy a 65 cm ball. I came to this conclusion after visiting many websites, and measuring the height of my current computer chair, my height, and my arm length. I ordered a highly rated ball from Amazon last week. The ball itself, a TKO brand, appears solid as far as ball quality is concerned, and Amazon was speedy in their delivery.

However, despite my extensive measurements, I found my new ball to be too small for my taste. One thing I didn’t take into consideration is the height of my computer desk. I think it is taller than usual. My desk measures 30 inches from floor to the desk top. I pumped my 65 cm ball as full as I reasonably could, but it is still too small. I feel like I’m sitting in a baby chair at an adult’s desk. I am tempted to give this new ball away and buy a bigger 75 cm ball. Despite the research and advice I read and received, I would recommend that anyone 5’10” and taller to buy a 75 cm ball.

If in the end the 75 cm ball is too large for the height of your desk, you can always let some air out. Take it from me, bigger is better when using these balls as chairs. Trust me.

The Gym is a Racket

Shortly after the start of the new year, some representatives from Beyond Fitness came to my work to sell gym memberships. Apparently, they were trying to cash in on peoples resolutions for the new year. They know once they get people to sign the dotted line, they’ll likely abandon those resolutions within the first month. The people they sent were practically body builders. That kind of image just puts a lot of gym-goers off. I feel that if they were out trying to recruit new members, the gym must not be much of a success. The discounted rate they were offering was a zero signing fee, and $25 per month. Regularly, $100 is due at signing, with a $39 monthly membership fee. Personally, I think even the discounted rate is still ridiculous. It comes out to be $300 per year.

I have been a member of two gyms in the past. Neither membership was worth the money I paid. I rarely went, and when I did, the cool equipment was often taken. Using free weights usually involved sitting next to a beefcake who is pumping ten times what I am trying to do. The same beefcakes were there most every day. And despite the fact that the gym was always crowded, the owners were always out trying to recruit new people to join. Banners were put up outside offering rates far below what I’d already agreed to pay. Gyms come and go. They most always eventually go under, or get bought by another company, who under the guise of a new name, still go out and try to rip people off.

I don’t plan to pay for a gym membership again. I think the whole business is a big racket. They count on people not coming very often, or giving up all together. If I ever get serious about working out, I’d rather spend money on a Bowflex machine that I can use at home.