Instagram App Feature Requests

I have three app feature requests for the folks over at Instagram. The developers have steadily improved the app since it came out in 2010, but a few potentially convenient options are still absent. As a reference point, as of this writing, the latest version of the Instagram iOS app is 5.0.11.

  1. I want the ability toggle image filters on and off. After I snap a photo, I’m taken to the filter selection screen. I usually tap through the filters to see if any of them enhance my photo in an interesting way. After I scroll past the first few, the “Normal” picture option has moved off the screen. If I want to compare the filtered photo against the original unfiltered photo, I have to scroll the filter list back to the start and tap “Normal.” This has always annoyed me. I want to be able to tap any filter in the list to turn it on, then tap it again to turn it back off, so I can clearly see the difference. Am I the only person who has longed for this? If only one of these three suggestions are implemented, I want it to be this one. Make it so!
  2. Users should be allowed to delete individual comments posted to their photos. If there is a way to do this currently, I am not aware of it. I’ve tried, but haven’t found a way to delete comments. This should have been implemented long ago. Such a feature would be of particular use for popular users and celebrities whose photos garner thousands of comments, some of which can get rather ugly.
  3. Users should be allowed to edit their picture posts/descriptions. If I hastily post a picture and realize that I’ve made an embarrassing typo, I have to delete the picture entirely, upload a new one, and type a new description. I shouldn’t have to do all that. That is just a waste of time, effort, and resources. Facebook began allowing users to edit their status updates a while back, and considering that they own Instagram, I had expected the feature to be added to the app by now.