Mac Bliss

I am totally ecstatic about my new Mac. I have been using it all weekend, doing everything imaginable. Once I oriented myself and got the feel of the system, I have to say it is truly fantastic. My trials with Linux were a good primer for the Unix-based principle of the OS and its file structure. But this is 1000x better than anything I have ever experienced with Linux. It automatically did everything I could have asked, including printing to my outdated HP DeskJet 845c printer, and installing every other one of my devices. Everything has required so little effort, it’s ridiculous.

I have most all of my major apps installed and they all work beautifully. I purchased Quicken Mac 2007 while at the Apple Store. That is a must-have app for me. I have really enjoyed using that one. In fact, every app I have used for whatever task I want have been among the best I have ever used in their class.

My Mac Mini is such a joy to use! It is hard to explain how slick and cool it is unless you really use one. Transitions and overall response from the computer itself are outstanding. The interface, super-cool graphics, effects, clarity, multitasking, size, and speed are all without question absolutely flawless. I have no regrets. I’m now in first class.

I Am Now A Proud Mac User!

My birthday just passed and I found myself at the Apple Store in Raleigh. I bought myself a shiny new Mac Mini! I am ecstatic. For now, I am transferring my files from my old PC over to my new Mac, and getting accustomed to a whole new way of computing. I am already in love with the Mac OS X Tiger. This is a giant leap into another world; one I have wanted to take for many years. This day has finally arrived!

I have added a new category to the blog. This is the first post to the Mac category. Also, while this post is still hot, expect a lot of new Mac and Apple related material from my bookmark feed on my Links page.

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Mac Mini

OSX For Everyone

I have been needing, err, wanting a new Mac Mini computer. I just lost an eBay auction for one and emotions are running high. Thinking about the big computing picture, I wonder why Apple just doesn’t license its OS X operating system to traditional PC manufacturers such as Dell, Gateway, and HP. After all, Apple has embraced Intel and now uses its chips in their computers. If the architecture is the same, why not give it to the masses?

I know Apple lives up to a high standard by working “hand in glove” (as they put it) with the hardware (which they also produce). But why not license it to quality manufacturers and, if they so decide, not offer it as a box on the shelf? For example, the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 is technically the latest release of Windows XP, on media steroids. You cannot walk into Best Buy or CompUSA and buy this OS on CD. It only comes pre-installed on new computers sold by participating manufacturers. If Microsoft can do this, then so can Apple. Apple can set a minimum level of PC performance required to effectively run their flagship OS smoothly, and poof, everybody can have an affordable machine running the splendor that is their operating system.

I certainly cannot ask them leave physical PC business, because all of their hardware products are so very sleek, stylish, and cutting-edge. They make some fantastic products and always get top rankings for customer satisfaction the PC magazines I read which conduct these surveys. Apple just needs to open the flood gates and really widen their software business. I suppose they already have, by making more applications in recent years, notably the iLife and iWork for the Mac, as well as strengthening their iTunes and Quicktime offerings. I think they can broaden their appeal by actually appealing to the masses instead of a niche audience, as they do now. The mass success of iPod, iTunes, and their surprising deal with Intel has put them back on the map, and on the path to broad consumer appeal. They need to embrace it by offering their goods and services to a wider audience.

Every young adult wants an iPod, and to use iTunes, both of which are the best of their kind. Apple is in a position today to rattle the computer industry with this bold move. A victory of such, and Apple may finally reverse their market share, which has suffered ever since their poor decision not to license their platform to outsiders back in the 1980s, opening the door to for Microsoft to run the world for the past 20 years.