The New York Times

I’m blown away with the quality and prestige of The New York Times. A while back, we signed up for the New York Times Sunday paper for delivery at our house. It is quite a massive bundle. The amount of content in that bundle is simply staggering. Not only is there a full newspaper, comprised largely of original content, there is also a sleek, full-color New York Times Magazine. The NY Times is the newspaper of newspapers, both in print and online. If you don’t receive a print edition of the paper, be sure to visit their website. You’re sure to find it to be among the finest in journalism.

I Love Yahoo News

I really like Yahoo News these days. I have found myself visiting Yahoo the most for national and world news. Today it is better than ever. Yahoo has a clean interface that is quite interactive. You are presented headlines from a wide variety of sources (such as AP, Reuters, CNN, USA Today, NPR, E! Online, etc.) Switching between sources is as easy as clicking a tab atop each news topic.

Enter your zip code and you get an added section for local news. Doing so added WRAL, my local newspaper, and a few more to this part of my page. Perhaps the greatest selling point for me about Yahoo News is that fact hovering your mouse over each news story gives you a small popup box giving you a small synopsis. This is such a time saver for me. I don’t have to load another page to get the jist of most of what is going on. If it is important enough, I’ll read the article as a whole.

There are a ton of news sites online today, and I still visit plenty of them. I see now more than ever how convenient it is to visit Yahoo first because they are pulling news from all of the sources I would visit individually, anyway. Check it out for yourself and customize it the way you like.

I must say that I really like the website overhaul that has undergone. I was browsing some news sites in my bookmarks the other day and clicked on CNN because I hadn’t visited the site in ages. I was soon thrilled with its new look and feel. I think it is has an outstanding and very simplistic new look. The balance between text and video features is also just right. It is just a pleasure to read and explore. I must applaud CNN for having such a superb news website. Because, on a nationwide scale, when the shit hits the fan, I turn on CNN.