Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System

The Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System is a brilliant baby bib that hit the market in 2010. From what I can deduce, it was first sold via This is an oldie but goodie. I had tweeted about this two years ago. I was reminded about it this week, which is why I’m writing about it now.

As you can see from the picture below, it is a baby bib that features a runway with blinking LED landing lights and an airplane with a detachable spoon on the front. It’s the perfect companion to any parent who loves to things like, “Here comes the airplane in the hangar!” The airplane has blinking lights on the wings, and comes with three detachable spoons.

I just love it! I enjoy the gag about the airplane coming into the hangar, even though I don’t have any kids. I’ve always thought it was a funny line to say to someone who doesn’t want to taste what you’re asking them to eat. If I did have a baby, you can bet that I’d get one of these bibs. It is simply too awesome not to! Heck, I’d be happy just to have the airplane and spoon.

The bib cannot be laundered since it is battery powered. That is a convenience issue, but this a novelty item, so it’s not as though you would be using it every day. The cleaning limitations are mentioned in a short product video that I found on YouTube.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the Jetbib has been discontinued, but not necessarily yet out of stock. From what I found find at the time of this writing in March 2014, a few are still available from Get one now before the last one flies off the shelf.


Phillips-head Screws Should Be Abandoned

I have never cared for Phillips-head screwdrivers. I don’t understand why this type of screw has been commonplace for such a long time. I personally can’t stand them.

I did some research and found that Henry Phillips designed and patented the crosshead screw in the early 1930s. For starters, I find it puzzling that such a design was patentable in the first place. Anyone could have thought up such a simple idea as doubling the notches in the head of a screw.

I prefer flathead screws and screwdrivers. Sure, the screwdriver is prone to slipping out as you use it, but the screws are long lasting and reliable. Nearly any size screwdriver will work with any screw. The design is simple and elegant.

Phillips-head screws require just the right size screwdriver or they will slip. They are also notorious for getting reamed out, especially when they are tightened with an electric screwdriver. Too many times I have gone to unscrew something to find that the head has been completely reamed out. It is nearly impossible to remove a screw that has this problem. For this reason alone, the Phillips-head design should be abandoned.

If it were up to me, every screw manufactured from this point forward would be a flathead until someone smarter than Mr. Phillips can invent something worth using.

Jawbone Bluetooth Earpieces

Many years ago, I went to the grand opening of an electronics store in town, and they had a pile of $17 Bluetooth earpieces. I bought one. It was a Plantronics 220. I used it on and off with my old Motorola Razr phone. The cheap Plantronics earpiece was a truly horrible. It would constantly pop and hiss when I used it. People I spoke with on the phone would often complain about the sound. Most times, to get a decent signal, I’d have to put my phone on the same side of my body as the earpiece. Walking away from the phone was not an option. The range was awful.

For my birthday, my dad gave me a Jawbone earpiece to use with my iPhone. I have the Jawbone ICON Hero. It is totally awesome! It has fantastic range, clarity, features, and battery life. Background noise is filtered out with their military-grade noise filtering technology. I’m able to talk on the phone and keep my windows down while driving. It also speaks caller ID and battery life information in my ear. My experience with it has been outstanding. If you’re in the market, I highly recommend one.

Jawbone ICON

Alba Body Lotion

I could have written this post over a year ago. That was when I first discovered the best body lotion on the market, Alba lotion from Alba Botanica. It’s the best I’ve ever used. It used to be a bit of a struggle to find, but today you can buy it at Target. I prefer the Alba original body lotion. The scent and texture are among the finest I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend picking some up. You won’t regret it.

The Sonicare Toothbrush

After making my new Products category, I went in search of a post that I was sure I’d written about the Sonicare toothbrush. After not being able to find such a post, I am going to make one now.

The Sonicare electric toothbrush from Philips has been around for many years now. I am here to say that is nothing short of absolutely fantastic. I have used one for a few years now and am still brushing with the older Advance 4100 model. I recommend that everybody own and use one. For one, it encourages you to brush your teeth for a longer time than you’d probably spend with a manual toothbrush. The fast vibrating brush head moves the brush at hundreds of times per second, giving you the best teeth cleaning that you can get at home. It feels great while it is running and is actually fun to use. I like to refer to the experience as “a shower in your mouth.” It leaves your teeth and gums with the pure clean feeling that you only get when leaving the dentist. I believe the value of the main unit and the replacement heads are all well worth the price. If the heads initially seem expensive, keep in mind that they last longer than your typical manual toothbrush does, and that you can save by buying two or more heads at one time.

Today, Philips has many Sonicare models to choose from. If you aren’t using at least one of them, then you are simply missing out.

Don't Buy Memorex Anything

I have had a string of disappointments with cheap electronics maker Memorex. Almost everything I have owned that they have created is just a cheap and lesser imitation of a better product. I bought a walkman CD player made by Memorex several years ago. It touted great features, such as an AM/FM radio and MP3 playback. Yet, every one of its features was quite poor. The CD player had the speed and performance of a first generation player from the 1980s. It was incredibly slow at changing tracks and fast forwarding. Eventually, some buttons got stuck and I destroyed the device violently.

Later, still a couple of years ago, I bought a portable Memorex CD, radio, and tape player. This was the kind that sits on your desk, but has a handle, and is small enough to carry. It has turned out to be pretty awful, too. The sound is okay, actually. That is not the problem. The performance of the CD player is not good. This is especially evident when you try to loop around the end of the CD back to the beginning. It takes forever. When you open and close the CD lid, it has the snap and feel of a 10 cent piece of plastic. Plus, the radio gets horrible reception. Absolutely horrible! And the tape player, while rarely used, ate a book-on-tape that I had borrowed from a friend. Overall, it is a really crappy device.

While I am ususally a stickler for buying top brand electronics, I went with the cheaper Memorex brand while trying to get the cheapest buy I could at the time. I have since learned my lesson. You really do get what you pay for. Memorex sucks. The name is worth no more than the bottom of the barrel companies named things like SimpleTech or CyperPower. I have bought plenty of their writable CDs and DVDs over time, and do not recall having any issues with them, but I doubt I’ll be buying any more.