Rabbit Rabbit Facebook Fan Page

To make a long story short, “rabbit rabbit” is a phrase you’re supposed to say on the first of every month for good luck. I’ve written about this in the past, but the topic needs revisiting.

Some time ago, my friend Chad created a Facebook fan page called “Rabbit Rabbit.” He generously made me an administrator of the page. In the early days the fan page only had a dozen fans. We are now up to nearly 100 fans. I would like to see that number rise to 1000 and beyond. This week I created a permanent username for the page so that it now has its own direct URL on Facebook. I’m hoping that by giving the page it’s own unique URL that it will start to appear on search engines and elsewhere. The address is: facebook.com/rabbitrabbitpage

Any Facebook user who is a fan of the page is allowed to make posts to the wall and even post pictures! That said, I monitor this very closely. Last week a user posted a spam advertisement for a website selling rabbit food. I believe that spam showed up on the news feeds of everyone who is a fan of the page. Let me be clear that I will not tolerate junk posts to our page, and I will bring the hammer down on anybody who does. So behave yourselves!

It’s also worth noting that there is a page on Wikipedia that explains the origins of Rabbit Rabbit. It’s an interesting read, but Chad and I had nothing to do its creation or content.

Rabbit Rabbit on Facebook

Rabbit Rabbit! Today is February 1st, 2010. A few months ago, my longtime good friend Chad made a Facebook fan page for the act of saying “Rabbit Rabbit” on the first day of every month. I’ve posted on this topic before. To date, we have 14 Facebook fans on the page. Both Chad and I are the two page administrators. Become a fan and receive good luck. Hehe!

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit! I bet that no one who reads this will understand what that means. This is a very old story, and a little out of place for my blog, but since it is a new month and new year…why not? Here goes.

When I was in fourth grade (sometime in the mid-80s) we had a substitute teacher one day. I recall that she said that when it was the first day of the month you should say “rabbit rabbit” first thing in the morning when you wake up, and if you do so, you’ll have good luck for the month. This had to be the first thing you said or it wouldn’t work. You’re probably wondering why I still have this memory. Well, in high school, it popped in my mind and I told one of my friends about the memory. This exchange was never forgotten and it has stuck ever since.

My friend Chad and I still keep in touch today, and for the past several years we have written each other an email on the first day of the month to try to beat each other to the punch to get “rabbit rabbit” on the others screen. There have been times when I have sent him an email at 12:01 on day one of the new month, usually with a silly masked subject line. This has been kept alive for so long. Years back, my friend told his work friends, and soon they were in on it too, trying to email him and beat him to the punch. Of course, neither of us remember to do it every time, but it is something that has stuck for all these years. Even if a few months pass without remembering to send the message, it will start again sooner or later.

Happy 2007!