Browser HTML5 Testing

HTML5 is still being developed as the next major revision of the HTML markup language. You can test your web browser how well it already supports HTML5. Visit and put your browser to the test. There are 160 elements that are tested on the site. I put all of my Mac browsers to the test: Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Chrome scored the highest by far.

In addition to my Mac, I also tested Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. Its score was absolutely abysmal. If I were a Windows user, I’d never use Internet Explorer, regardless of the version installed.

I’ve listed my results below.

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 – Score 101
  • Apple Safari 4.0.5 – Score 113
  • Google Chrome 5.0 – Score 142
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 – Score 19

Flash Blocking Browser Tools

In the past, I’ve often used an ad blocker in Firefox. I’ve recently come to find that I don’t need to block all of the ads to speed up the loading of pages. The payoff comes in blocking Flash. I’ve started using a Flash blocker in Firefox and Safari, and the outcome has been a faster, more controlled browsing experience. Once Flash content is blocked, a single click on a Flash container within a page will enable it to run.

You’ll soon realize how much Flash is overused on many sites. After I started blocking Flash, the static ad images that appear on sites don’t bother me enough to continue running my ad blocker. Try it yourself.

Safari 4.0 Mac is Incredibly Fast

Yesterday, Apple unleashed the latest release of their Safari browser, version 4.0. I immediately downloaded it for my Mac. If you’re using Windows, I can’t say how secure or efficient the latest Safari will be for you. Personally, I have always preferred Firefox on Windows.

I have been a diehard Firefox user for years, on all platforms. I have even been using the latest beta release of Firefox 3.5 for a few weeks now. Despite my loyalty to Firefox, I am won over by the new Mac Safari 4. It is draw-dropping fast. Even on my aging Mac Mini, Safari blazes at lightning speed. Pages pop on my screen with such lightning speed and elegance, it has to be seen to be believed. Safari 4 is hands down the fastest web browser I have ever used. That is no exaggeration.

In addition to increased speed and efficiency, Safari 4 has other new features. Most notably is the new Top Sites view. Using this view, I can see (on a single page), a beautifully arranged collection of live thumbnails of my top dozen most visited places. Top Sites is very elegantly designed, complete with a 180-degree curved screen view, even sporting reflections and shadows. I don’t know how often I’ll actually resort to this new view, but it is downright gorgeous, I have to say.

Firefox, with its giant library of browser extensions, is nearly impossible for me to neglect. I use several Firefox extensions that have become invaluable to me over the years. Despite that major obstacle to my complete adoption of Safari, I can’t help but be lured by the extreme speed and polish that Safari 4 now has to offer. Wow!