Technology Netcasts

My dad recently introduced me to, a site for video netcasts, podcasts, and general discussion dubbed “This Week in Tech”. Leo Laporte is “The Tech Guy” and hosts several weekly streams surrounding all things tech. You can download free podcasts via iTunes, or tune in directly from their website. After listening to a single podcast this week, I have already learned a wealth of new things. Discussions are often on the bleeding edge of technology and computer-related news. If you’re a techie, you should tune in. Check out it. I highly recommend this site.

"Cyber" Products

Do you ever see these cheesy magazine ads for computer equipment or electronics that are made by companies like Cybertron or CyberPower? How lame. Why would anybody want to buy these products? How can you have any confidence in something that has such a cheesy name? If they didn’t put any effort in forming their company, what makes you think that the stuff they are selling is worth anything either?

The next time you see an ad for a “Cyber” anything, be sure to laugh and think of me…because you heard it here.