New Titan WordPress Theme

I’ve changed the WordPress theme on this site to Titan, by Jestro. I have a long history of never being quite satisfied with the free themes I’ve found online over the years. As a result, I’ve changed my site theme many, many times. I hope that I have found a keeper in Titan. It is very modern, expandable, and sophisticated.

When choosing a new theme, I look for the following criteria: two columns, fixed width, right sidebar, page menu bar, widget ready, 100% valid code, and a page width that allows 500 pixel images within posts. It is staggering how many sites don’t live up to those standards. Titan does all of this, and more.

I found Titan through (which doesn’t appear to be online anymore).

New Site Theme: Fluid Blue

I ended up growing tired of the bare Plainscape theme and have now implemented a new theme, called Fluid Blue. This theme is perfect in many ways. It has all the elements of great design. It’s attractive, clean, and uses 100% true XHTML and CSS validated code. It’s also the first theme I’ve used that is flexible in width, which allows me to insert even larger pictures in my posts, among other things. I think Fluid Blue is a keeper. I plan to maintain this theme for the foreseeable future.

New Blog Theme

This weekend, I deployed a new site theme. I don’t make a habit of writing a blog post about such changes, but my new theme, Elite, is a drastic change. I think this theme is the prettiest I have ever used. It is modern, dark, and easy to read. All photos are automatically aligned to the left, for better or worse. Photos with a white background may not blend as well as I’d like on the dark canvass, but I’ll overlook that potential problem. Also, the theme fails the W3C Markup Validation check, but for minor reasons. The main drawback to this theme is that, oddly, there is no header on the page that shows the name of my site. For that reason, I am writing this post to assure you that you are still at! Enjoy the new look.

New Theme and Additions

As you can see, I have drastically changed my site theme. This is new theme called Bluemoon. I have spent the morning customizing it to my liking. I really had to put in some work on the CSS file to display the margins and fonts the way that you see now. I really like the way it looks now.

I also added some new things to the sidebar on the right, such as the Calendar, Blogroll, and RSS feed link. The highlighted calendar days reveal days with blog posts.

After today, I am not going to post anymore about theme changes. I’ll toss that on the “About” page next time. But I do not expect a next time, since this theme is a definite keeper. Enjoy!