Visit Sedona Arizona

While on our vacation to Phoenix last week, Laura and I visited many great places. A highlight of our trip was driving northward to Sedona. It is an absolutely beautiful place. If you are anywhere in the Arizona vicinity, I highly recommend driving to Sedona. You won’t be let down. Its gorgeous red rock mountainous landscape will take your breath away. Be sure to take the winding mountain road AZ 89 north toward Flagstaff for a wonderful cliff-side drive.

Sedona Arizona

A Return Trip to Phoenix

In a couple of weeks, we will be making a return trip to Phoenix, AZ. We’re flying west on Labor Day weekend, and have plans to stay the week. We got an awesome package deal through Expedia. While in town, we plan to get to know the city better, see the sights, visit Sedona, and more.

Not long ago, I heard on a podcast about the famous pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Biano, located in Phoenix. It’s supposed to be among, if not best, pizza in all of the country. We were looking forward to dining there on our vacation, but their website tells us it will be closed during that time. What a bummer. I find that to be unusual, but at any rate, it looks like that will not be possible on this trip.

Two weeks to go! Hurry up.