Just Cook This With Sam Zien

I’ve recently started watching an awesome new cooking show with Sam Zien called Just Cook This. It’s on the Discovery Health Channel. It’s a totally different kind of cooking show. Sam is a very casual, laid back guy who cooks out of his own house. He pokes fun at the typical TV food show, and is not your conventional host. Most importantly, this show introduces new ways of cooking very simple dishes, in both a healthy and easy way. Almost all of the foods that Sam cooks are ones that I’d certainly try at home on my own. This guy doesn’t talk over your head, or try to impress you with fancy dishes. He’s just a regular guy showing you simple ways to cook your own meals and manage your food. Check it out sometime!

I Hate Annoying TV Scrolls!

Lately, I have noticed a sharp rise in an already very disturbing trend. When I watch TV, I am constantly interrupted with beeps, scrolls, and various alerts. I’m paying a lot of money for my digital cable service, and I don’t want the picture shrunk while half the screen has warnings on it. Why not make a whole channel for this stuff, or do it during the commercials?

In the past couple of weeks, nearly every prime time show that I’ve taped on my DVR either has had a thunderstorm warning, amber alert, silver alert, or local election results on the screen during the show. It is ridiculous! I don’t care about any of those things! If I want live election results, I don’t expect to find them on the channel showing American Idol. If a bad thunderstorm is coming, then too bad. What do you want me to do? I’m already at home! If a child or old person has gone missing, then I probably can’t help you. The person you are looking for is not standing in middle of my living room, so I suppose I won’t be seeing them tonight.

I think I’m at the front of this complaint. I believe the voices against this will grow louder once it becomes more commonplace and obtrusive. This must stop immediately! It makes me feel like every channel is going to go the way of the TV Guide Channel, which today has about 1/4 of the screen still reserved for the program listings, while the other 3/4 are ads and pointless programming. Gimme a break!

Swiffer WetJet Commercial

I absolutely can’t stand that TV commercial for the Swiffer WetJet mop where the woman, who is a terrible actress to begin with, debates on stage with what turns out to be a dripping mop. Who gets paid for this pathetic crap? The whole ad campaign with its stupid puns, and “we’re parting ways” lines, and the dripping mops they confront is downright annoying. I promise, nobody is amused!

Writers Strike Halts SNL

If you follow the news, you’ll probably know that the Writers Guild of America is on strike while trying to renegotiate new terms with the entertainment industry. I don’t have an opinion on the strike, but I was struck by a news article I just read. It said that this past weekend, the cast of Saturday Night Live put on a mock live show for a small audience, while a rerun played on NBC TV. I found this to be very puzzling. I mean, did anyone else think that a writer’s strike could affect SNL? Those people may want to think about going back to work before audiences stop and realize how repetitive and not funny SNL has become.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Have you seen this terrible reality show on the Sci-Fi channel? It is so lame it makes me cringe in embarrassment for the people on there. This show is a cheesy low-budget reality elimination show where a group of losers compete to be the next superhero. They dress in ridiculous outfits and spout lame taglines as they complete seemingly ordinary tasks that are presented on TV with an overlay of grade school quality special effects. The show is hosted by 85 year-old Stan Lee, who communicates with the heroes in their warehouse “lair”. It boggles the mind, but the contestants actually behave as though there is some real prize to be won or that they are actually going to become a true superhero. The lamest of the contestants is this chubby lady dressed in a maid outfit, complete with hanging feather dusters from her belt, who calls herself Hygenea.

In doing a quick bit of research for this post, I found a message board on the Sci-Fi Channel website where fans post messages about the show. I am in awe of the absurdity of their comments. Viewers write of holding their loved ones on the couch while watching the superheros compete, wiping back tears, and feeling overwhelming emotion at what they are watching. They then sign their posts with a photo of themselves in costume, complete with an ID card for their personal superhero character. Are these people serious?!

Let me be clear that I don’t watch this show! I just saw an episode on this week and ended up watching it play out in utter disbelief to what the reality show scene has become. I feel so embarrassed for these people! This show belongs on Comedy Central, not on Sci-Fi — if it has a place on TV at all. The grand prize should be a gun that they can off themselves with when the show is over.

Cancelled Showtime

Yesterday, I canceled Showtime on my cable lineup. We used to have HBO at home, but changed over to Showtime after some of their great original series shows were not renewed, like Six Feet Under. But since having Showtime, I realize that the premium movie channels are all the same. These days you get like 10 channels when you sign up for a paid movie network. You think you have so many options, but in reality it is the same two dozen movies playing on repeat. I often scroll ahead in the week and check out the movies that are going to air so I can record them. I see the same titles week after week, with only a few new surprises now and again. So I dropped Showtime and will use Netflix exclusively. For the price, you can’t beat it. I’ll miss seeing some of Showtime’s original series shows, but I’ll wait until they are released on DVD and then rent those from Netflix. Brilliant!

Censored Fingers on TV

Why do they censor someone giving the middle finger on TV? This is even true with the shows on cable channels. If they are going to air the act of someone doing it, why bother censoring it? All they do is blur the middle finger itself. It is completely obvious what they are doing anyway! This day in age, you wouldn’t think this would be such a big deal anymore.

Enough Hospital Shows

There are too many hospital shows on TV. Do you agree? I thought this years ago. I am tired of this genre of television show. People love Grey’s Anatomy these days. I have never seen a whole episode, and don’t care to. I know that ER was a great show back in the day and they made some amazing episodes. There were countless numbers of hospital shows prior to that, though. Only just recently did I realize that the show House on Fox is yet another hospital show. I admit that Scrubs has always been amusing and I do enjoy that show. Sbrubs is pretty silly and its lack of seriousness allows me to tolerate it more than the others. Where does it end?