Weekend in New York!

My cousin Kevin joined Laura and I for a fun-filled weekend in New York City over Memorial Day weekend! We flew to the city very early Saturday morning, and returned home Monday afternoon. The trip was short, but sweet. Me and Laura lucked out with some fantastic seats on both of our Delta flights, and the ride was as smooth as I’ve ever experienced in the air. We had reservations at the Hotel Edison in midtown Manhattan. It was a fine hotel that gave us easy access to the city.

While in the Big Apple, we went to see the Broadway play Exit the King, starring Susan Sarandon, Geoffrey Rush, and others. It was truly wonderful. I hadn’t seen a live play in many years, and certainly never one of that caliber. Bravo! It was a great show.

The three of us had a fantastic weekend. I’m ready to go back! I was impressed with the city, it’s energy, and oddly, and it’s delicious tap water. Seriously, I found the tap water to be unusually good. I now love NYC!

Times Square

Home From Phoenix

We are back home from a fantastic vacation in Phoenix. The trip was a complete success. We arrived back in Raleigh at 8:30 on Monday night after a frightful landing in bad winds at RDU. Everyone had a wonderful time together in Arizona, and at Ashley’s wedding. Picture galleries will be posted on the Phoenix travel web page that I created before the trip. I’ll add photo links to that page as they roll in.

Arizona Cactus

Weekend in Austin

I got home from Austin yesterday afternoon at 4pm. The trip was an absolute blast! An outstanding time was had by all. The drive all the way to Texas went well. In fact, it was looking like we would arrive so early, we made a stopover in Dallas to tour Dealey Plaza. Dallas was brightly lit downtown when we rolled in around 5am. Luckily, were ahead of the morning rush hour. The Plaza itself was not what I expected it to be. It was quite a bit smaller than I’d seen in pictures, and looked very uneventful.

We finally arrived in Austin around 10am Friday, and immediately checked into our hotel at the Hampton Inn Downtown. It was very nice. That evening, Chris and Sara’s rehearsal dinner was a lot of fun, and the food was great. Several of us went out on the town to the popular 6th Street after dinner. We went to an Irish pub where we toasted Guinness. It was a blast!

On Saturday, me and Kevin did a walking tour of downtown Austin in the drizzling rain. We visited the capital building, which I found to be very extravagant for a state capital. Saturday night was Chris’s wedding. Me and Kevin had the hardest time directing our cab driver to the wedding location at the Barr Mansion. We called friends and family trying to get someone to find the directions online. Frustrated and late, we arrived in time for the wedding. It was a very nice ceremony — short and very sweet. The bride and groom are genuinely happy. The wedding reception was a ball! The location was very charming and could not have been better.

I flew home to Raleigh yesterday afternoon. It was a stark contrast to the drive all the way to Texas, which took about 20 hours. In the air, I was home in two hours, and I had a great flight. This weekend was so much fun. It was worth every penny, but spending such quality time with the family was priceless. Thanks to everyone who showed me a fun time.

Texas Capital

Bound For Austin

Today, I embark on a road trip to Austin, TX with my brother (and crew) to attend my cousin’s wedding. I’m very excited, as I have only heard great things about the city. We are driving around the clock to get there, and I’m hopping a flight home on Sunday. This will be a fun adventure, and will be great quality time spent with the family. Off we go!