WordPress Mobile Crash

Today, for the first time ever, I actually used the WordPress mobile app to edit one of my blog posts. I added a new paragraph and made a few revisions. When I was satisfied, I tapped to apply changes. The app crashed immediately and all of my work was lost. Lesson learned. Use a computer. If mobile apps are the way of the future, we are all as good as dead.

WordPress Revision Control

In WordPress version 2.6 and later, multiple revisions are automatically saved for all pages and posts. I allowed this to happen for a long time, but have started to take notice of the large numbers of revisions that I have amassed. The individual pages on this site each had several dozen revisions saved. I find this to be a waste of space in the database. I have no intention of ever reverting to a previous page or post state. I decided to eliminate them. The problem is that WordPress doesn’t offer a toggle in the dashboard interface to turn off the revision feature.

I’ve looked at many different ways to disable it and delete past revisions. After some digging around, I settled on the easiest solution for each. They are as follows.

First, to disable revisions, use the Revision Control plug-in for WordPress. It has a range of settings beyond a simple on/off switch. It’s free and simple to use. I used it to disable revisions entirely across the board. (Note: Disabling does not delete revisions which you have already stored.)

Now, to delete ALL of the revisions that are already stored in the database, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin for your database access
  2. Select your WordPress database from the phpMyAdmin sidebar
  3. Click the SQL tab on the menu. Insert the following line of code and click to apply:
  4. DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;

Mobile Blitzcraig

I have added a new mobile version of my website! I am happy with the results. If you visit this site on a mobile device, you will now automatically get a mobile-friendly version of my site that is simple and easy to navigate. I’ve tested this on my iPhone and it looks good. Now you can enjoy my site on the go!

This functionality comes via the awesome WordPress Mobile Pack plugin.

WordPress 3.0

WordPress version 3.0 was released on June 17th. I use WordPress on this site, and I upgraded to version 3.0 just yesterday. I upgraded my site theme (Vigilance from The Theme Foundry) as well. The latest theme takes advantages of WordPress 3.0’s new features. I don’t utilize many of the features available in WordPress, but I am happy with the new version. If you administer a blog, I recommend checking it out.

Here is the official announcement from WordPress regarding the new version. A video is included in the link that demonstrates the newest features of the software.

New Titan WordPress Theme

I’ve changed the WordPress theme on this site to Titan, by Jestro. I have a long history of never being quite satisfied with the free themes I’ve found online over the years. As a result, I’ve changed my site theme many, many times. I hope that I have found a keeper in Titan. It is very modern, expandable, and sophisticated.

When choosing a new theme, I look for the following criteria: two columns, fixed width, right sidebar, page menu bar, widget ready, 100% valid code, and a page width that allows 500 pixel images within posts. It is staggering how many sites don’t live up to those standards. Titan does all of this, and more.

I found Titan through bestwpthemes.com (which doesn’t appear to be online anymore).

New Site Theme: Fluid Blue

I ended up growing tired of the bare Plainscape theme and have now implemented a new theme, called Fluid Blue. This theme is perfect in many ways. It has all the elements of great design. It’s attractive, clean, and uses 100% true XHTML and CSS validated code. It’s also the first theme I’ve used that is flexible in width, which allows me to insert even larger pictures in my posts, among other things. I think Fluid Blue is a keeper. I plan to maintain this theme for the foreseeable future.

WordPress Security Scan Plugin

Recently, after upgrading to WP 2.61, I installed a plugin called WP Security Scan. If you’re running a website with WordPress, it is certainly worth installing. I did, and was blown away at the lack of security that my blog was exposed to. This little plugin lets you know where you need to make alterations. I very highly recommend it to everyone using WordPress!