WordPress Security Scan Plugin

Recently, after upgrading to WP 2.61, I installed a plugin called WP Security Scan. If you’re running a website with WordPress, it is certainly worth installing. I did, and was blown away at the lack of security that my blog was exposed to. This little plugin lets you know where you need to make alterations. I very highly recommend it to everyone using WordPress!

WordPress 2.5

A month ago, WordPress released version 2.5. It is a radical change from the versions that proceeded it. It has been rewritten to be more powerful, robust, and attractive. Before I upgraded, I wondered how it could get any better, and why such an overhaul was even necessary. Boy, was I shortsighted. The new version is fantastic, and much easier to use.

I don’t understand why it is labeled version 2.5, when it should have been called 3.0. It is a major shift from the interface it once had. At any rate, 2.5.1 is now available. If you use WordPress and haven’t stepped up to version 2.5, now is the time. You won’t regret it. Of course, before upgrading, make sure your theme and plugins are compatible with the new version. So far, I haven’t had any trouble with my existing configuration on compatibly or performance issues. WordPress continues to be a fantastic product and keeps raising the blogging bar.

New Blog Theme

This weekend, I deployed a new site theme. I don’t make a habit of writing a blog post about such changes, but my new theme, Elite, is a drastic change. I think this theme is the prettiest I have ever used. It is modern, dark, and easy to read. All photos are automatically aligned to the left, for better or worse. Photos with a white background may not blend as well as I’d like on the dark canvass, but I’ll overlook that potential problem. Also, the theme fails the W3C Markup Validation check, but for minor reasons. The main drawback to this theme is that, oddly, there is no header on the page that shows the name of my site. For that reason, I am writing this post to assure you that you are still at blitzcraig.org! Enjoy the new look.

WordPress Gripe

I’d be hard pressed to come up with a list of complaints about the awesome WordPress software that powers this blog. It is outstanding in every way and I recommend it to everyone. That said, I do have one complaint that has been silently brewing in me for some time.

I cannot stand it how often the built-in editor constantly screws up my paragraphs when I actually edit the text in a post. When I am typing and delete using my Delete key at the end of a sentence to remove extra text, my paragraph break is then missing in the saved version of the post. Likewise for editing the text of an existing post when I add or remove text at the end of a paragraph. Everything looks okay in my editing window, but after a save, my paragraph breaks are turned into line breaks. I can’t tell for sure, but some of this pay be due to the way I like to use the [Delete] key over the [Backspace] a lot of the time.

This may not affect everyone, but the issue drives me nuts. I just scrolled through some old posts and found two instances of this that I didn’t realize were there. I fixed them. Apparently, the automatic HTML coding in the program’s editor window needs some tweaking. Of course, I could in theory use my email program to post through an email account (which I do not do), or type my post in another program (like Word or Notepad) and cut/paste it into the blog. I have tried second method and the result isn’t always good. Besides, I’d still need to use the built-in WP editor to edit the posts that are already published.

The good news is that WordPress just released version 2.1 the other day. It boasts a new and improved text editor, so I have read. I have not tried this to see if my problem is resolved. For the moment, I’m going to stick with version 2.07 because I know as soon as I go through the hassle of upgrading, they’ll suddenly release 2.11 the next day. I’ll wait for that. I am not complaining in any way about the regular updates and releases they have for WordPress. This is a great thing. The best keeps getting better.