My Yelp Review of The Pit

Today I created an account on Yelp. Here is my Yelp profile. For my first review, I wrote about the local restaurant in Raleigh called The Pit. I’ve pasted my review below.

I saw this restaurant on the Travel Channel show “Man v. Food”. I had never heard of The Pit before then.

We made reservations for a Sunday night and it was very crowded. Interestingly, they notified those waiting for a table via your cell phone that a table was now available. I don’t know if that was for those that already had reservations, or everyone.

The staff was a little uncoordinated in some ways, but that is a minor point. The food was absolutely delicious. The baby back ribs literally fall off the bone they are so tender. Everything was quite good. The nice atmosphere was the icing on the cake.

I certainly recommend dining at The Pit.


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