Rick Roll: The Literal Version

If you were around in the late 80s, you probably remember Rick Astley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. If not, perhaps you have been Rickrolled in the past couple of years. If you’re not familiar with the term, Rickrolling is basically the act of tricking someone to watch the music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Below is the cleverly made literal version of that video. It’s hysterical! You’re sure to get a good laugh out of this one. Enjoy!

Southwest Airlines Announcement Rap

You may have already seen or heard this clip before. It’s a flight attendant on Southwest Airlines doing a rap of the airline announcements. It’s very creative and quite enjoyable. Over a million people have watched this clip on YouTube. The airline should give this man a raise for all of the free publicity he has given their company. Check it out.

Greg Pattillo – The Beatboxing Flutist

I just discovered Greg Pattillo, an extremely talented beatboxing flutist. This guy is not only a master on the flute, he also beatboxes while playing his instrument. The embedded video below is sure to amaze you. Watch it. This single video is only an an example of his talents, so be sure to sample his other videos as well. You’re sure to be as floored as I am at watching Greg perform. Stunning!

You've Never Been This Far Before

The absolutely ridiculous song “You’ve Never Been That Far Before” by Conway Twitty is something to behold. This again came to mind when this week’s new episode of Family Guy had a lengthy reference to Conway Twitty singing something that sounded perverted at best.

If you want a laugh and a scare at the same time, watch this video.